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Our aim is to supplement the work of the teacher in the classroom by providing a digital learning experience that is in line with the respective topics (strands) as outlined in the KICD curriculum designs (syllabi) for the different learning areas. The new Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) in Kenya requires that learners use digital devices as a tool to learning and source of information in all the learning areas. 

This website is designed in a way that provides the required content and learning experience as well as evaluation on attainment of the required competencies online. The learners are actively involved in the learning process through participation in different online activities that provide immediate feedback. To ascertain mastery of knowledge and skills, different learning activities provided have to be successfully performed before the learner progress to the next level. 

We have made the use of KCPE examination past papers as a means of revision easy and convenient than ever before! Past KCPE examination questions have been organized per topic as outlined in the Kenya Institute Curriculum Development syllabi. This enables the candidate, with the help of the teachers, to revise each subject per topic and then test the mastery of the content through attempting past KCPE questions from the topic. The feedback is immediate and a review of the questions enables the learners to further understand the topic. Further, our KCPE examination simulation tests that derive questions from past KCPE examinations at random but in line with KNEC current testing practice is a unique method of testing and revision that has not been used before. A candidate can attempt 15 different KCPE simulation tests without having any of the question items repeated! And more, the tests can be done offline once downloaded.